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About us

Whosedrop.com is the world's leading online photography backdrops products destination. Our goal is to provide complete one-stop shopping for all backdrops. We strive to provide you with the most current selections, the best prices, the most complete size range with custom made and the largest variety of choices.

whosedrop.com has been in the photographer industry for more than a decade,he work with two factories jointly build a global online retail store. All the products are directly delivered to consumers around the world.

whosedrop.com offers customers a convenient way to shop with a wide selection of backdrops products at attractive prices because we are factory direct sales.

Our innovative data-driven business model allows us to offer customized products, allow you provide any photos to us at scale for optimal marketing, merchandising and fulfillment.

Any questions you can contact us: cs@whosedrop.com